Annual report

of LUG S.A. Capital Group


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Letter from the President of LUG S.A.

In 2016, using our professionalism, experience and intuition, we have proven how we can efficiently handle market requirements, and how we convert it in a long-term success. Results achieved in 2016 let us look into the future with enthusiasm and it stimulates our appetites for next challenges, which we are going to face in 2017.

Ryszard Wtorkowski
President of LUG S.A. Management Board

Stock market history of LUG

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  • LUG’s debut on the NewConnect market


  • Transfer of operations to new headquarters (achieving the issue target)


  • The Issuer’s victory in the Golden Website competition


  • A new fund in the LUG share ownership structure
  • LUG stock split in accordance with the parity 1:4
  • Series C share issue


  • Start of procedure to transfer listings to Warsaw Stock Exchange


  • Payment of the first dividend in the company’s stock market history
  • LUG reverse stock split in accordance with the parity 25:1


  • The first Annual online report on NewConnect
  • LUG’s shares are included in the NCIndex30 index and belong to the NCLead segment
  • Golden Website VI Award
  • Award The Best Annual Report 2012
  • Expansion of the factory with the construction of a LED component production hall


  • Start of construction of new factory
  • Golden Website VII Award
  • Award The Best Annual Report 2013


  • Completion of construction of new factory — launching
  • of a research and development centre
  • Golden Website VIII Award
  • The Best Annual Report 2014 Award


  • Significant agreement for street lighting in Misiones Province, in Argentina
  • Golden Website IX Award


  • Building a LUG factory in Argentina
  • Research and development centre expansion in Nowy Kisielin
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  • 2014

  • 2015

  • 2016

  • 2017

LUG S.A. Capital Group

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The Group’s parent company is LUG S.A., performing management and control functions with respect to other subsidiaries.

The Company was established in 1989 as a civil law partnership. At present, it holds 100% of shares in subsidiaries, with the exception of LUG do Brazil Ltda. in which it holds 65% of shares.

  • logo LUG Light Factory
  • logo LUG GmbH
  • logo LUG do Brazil Ltda
  • logo LUG Lighting UK Ltd
  • logo TOW LUG Ukraina


On 01.08.2008, the subsidiary LUG Light Factory Sp. z o.o. took over the existing operations carried out by the Issuer and is involved in designing, implementing, producing and selling luminaires.


Since 11.09.2008, LUG GmbH has been an element of the foreign trade organisation of the LUG S.A. Capital Group and focuses on selling and promoting products on the German market.


On 29.06.2012 the newly established company LUG do Brazil Ltda joined the Group. The development targets of the LUG S.A. Capital Group, based on a thorough analysis of the prospects for the Brazilian economy, were a key factor in the decision to establish a company in one of the economically most important and most significant investments in the country. The aim of the new company in the LUG S.A. Capital Group is to strengthen the company’s presence on South American markets.


LUG Lighting UK Ltd. Established in 10.09.2013. Previously, for about two years, LUG’s sales office operated effectively in London. LUG Lighting UK Ltd provides a base for the further increase of sales in the UK and Ireland and will also enable qualifications necessary to establish LUG’s consultancy and sales centre to be developed. The completion of formalities and the start of operations deliberately coincides with the opening of the advanced showroom of luminaires at the registered office of the new company LUG Lighting UK Ltd in London.


T.O.W. LUG Ukraine was established in 2005 and was engaged in sales of LUG fixtures on the Ukrainian market. Presently, the company’s activities are suspended due to difficult conditions for business in Ukraine connected with the poor financial standing of the country, a general failure to respect legal regulations, and corruption.

LUG S.A.Management Board

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  • Ryszard Wtorkowski

    Ryszard Wtorkowski
    President of LUG S.A.
    Management Board

  • Mariusz Ejsmont

    Mariusz Ejsmont
    Vice-president of
    the Management Board,
    Technical Director

  • Malgorzata Konys

    Małgorzata Konys
    Member of
    the Management Board,
    Financial Director

LUG S.A. Supervisory Board

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Iwona Wtorkowska

Iwona Wtorkowska
Chairman of
the Supervisory Board

Other members of the Supervisory Board

  • Renata Baczańska – Member of the Supervisory Board

  • Zygmunt Ćwik – Member of the Supervisory Board

  • Eryk Wtorkowski – Member of the Supervisory Board

  • Szymon Zioło – Member of the Supervisory Board


  • 4372014

  • 4652015

  • 5272016

Employment structure by gender

58%men 42%women

Employment structure by education





Age average:

37 years and 10 months

Research and development work

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LUG S.A. Capital Group is mainly connected with designing new products, testing its specifications and improving product’s specification, already found in company’s product range.